Rumson Municipal Boat Ramp Flight – Sky Lens Design

Flight Log For October 11th

Met a gentleman setting out to go crabbing under the Rumson bridge. He seemed pretty cheery and we had a nice chat, as he revealed he had just returned from his chemotherapy treatment. I think all of us have met people dealing with cancer, and some of us have had our own experiences or closer encounters with loved ones. People who can be so grateful and positive always amaze me and trigger much admiration. He was quite curious about the drone and observed I was having a great time…


He agree to play for a while and I set up the drone in auto-track mode to follow him out over the water. The engine in his boat was a new fathers-day present, and when he cranked that baby up I could not keep up with him for long. Hope to run into him again soon.

Some Technical Notes On 24fps And The Use of Neutral Density (ND) Filters

Rumson Flight With ND FiltersI am happy to see that the use of a 32ND filter added some motion blur to the video frames, creating the cinematic effect we all look for when trying to produce cinematic footage with drones. The settings for the camera were completely manual, and in order to achieve 24fps frame rate, the shutter speed needs to be at roughly 2x the frame rate, so that’s a 50th of a second.


Click to open the larger version of this image and notice the slightly blurred water at the bottom of this frame.

Because today’s cameras are very light sensitive, in bright daylight this can only be achieve through the use of a neutral density filter, in this case a set of quality filters I can highly recommend, the “Polar Pro 6-Pack” (Amazon Link).

Here is a detail that shows the slightly “blurred” effect I am looking for in this footage, which ultimately results in the cinematic effect drone videographers are looking for.

Out to Barley Point

As several more people showed up at the boat ramp trying to chat with me, I made one last video pass out to Barley Point Island and its small closed community. Since this island is closed to car traffic, I’ve always been curious about what’s out there… I had imagined amazing high end amazing mansions, but it seems to have an approachable feel. I’ll need to look into what’s going on there, but for today I just wrapped up after saying hello to some of the folks at the boat ramp who had questions.

Scary Landing (Almost)

Actually not a scary landing at all, but landing on a floating platform near the municipal boat ramp gives the illusion that the drone is landing in the water, until the dock comes into view only at the last second, I’ll have to remember this maneuver and pull it out for effect on occasion

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