NYC Times Square Timelapse – On Our Anniversary

How Lucky Am I – A Times Square Timelapse on Our Anniversary

How lucky am I that I have a partner that supports me with all my endeavors? Robyn and I had our 16th wedding anniversary today, and this Times Square Timelapse is one among the many other things we did together on our anniversary…

First we visited Chelsea Market, then the Whitney Museum for some great shows

Hanging at the Whitney

Nerves Of Steel

Too funny Robyn was all “nerves of steel” hovering over the setup: 

It was so amazing. You need nerves of steel. It was no mean feat to ensure the camera would not fall crashing to the ground 60 feet below over 30 minutes of 1 exposure per 5 seconds…. the wind was howling and we were on the top set of the viewing platform. Happy JB did it and we have a lovely memory.

Not very professional, eh?

Well, we had to balance a pro (read stable) setup with anniversary style light weight travel mode equipment, so it’s the trusted Gorillapod wrapped around the railing 40 feet in the air, no ball head, and the Syrp Genie Mini pan head. Getting it leveled was the scariest part 

Times Square Timelapse - The Nerves Of Steel Setup

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