Drone Racing at the Laurita Winery

Another BMW Fall Ride – And a Fun Destination

Located near Sixflags, we’ve been to several events at the Laurita Winery. They do an awesome job creating a fun environment with events like Food Truck competitions and classic car races, concerts and the like. I’m always struck how forward-looking they are in their PR and marketing efforts.

So chalk up “drone racing” as another visionary event sponsored by Laurita. They’ve made some of their lands available to the “Saftey Third” Meetup group that puts on AMA (American Model Associations) sponsored drone races, fun flys and obstacle courses. So this is where Patrick and I visited today.

Super Friendly People

jb_2016-10-16-1452-1200pxThe best part of the day for me personally was to talk to some of the pilots, and to observe how the entire event is organized for fund and safety. We really got a FPV (First Person View) racing crash course on the technology advances of the last year or so. A big thanks to Joe, who was super helpful and shared his experiences not only in drone racing and FPV flight, but also real estate and commercial shoots in particular, which of course I am interested in.

Lunch At Laurita

jb_2016-10-16-1476-1200pxWe stopped by the Laurita Winery itself for a bite to eat and to check out the antique car show before returning to the field, just in time to see the Pizza van arrive to feed all those hungry drone pilots. Seems like a fun way to spend the day.

Watching Drone Racing At Laurita

Drone Racing At Laurita - GogglesAnd, if you ever want to watch drone races, you can get a cheap set of FPV goggles for only $40, which allows you to watch the races from the perspective of the pilots, you can simply switch frequencies between racers. And if you ever get a drone yourself, you’re a step ahead. This one comes from “BangGood”, and is what some of the “budget” pilots were racing with. Check it out

About “Safety Third” Drone Racing At Laurita – And How To Get There

I’m including a link and information about their meetup page. Check this out as there are almost weekly events in the spring, summer and fall.

About S3

safety-third-logo-wn-v1_3-rgb-transparent-01Spectate or Participate most weekends! Safety Third Racing is the largest AMA Chartered Club in New Jersey focused 100% on FPV Drone Racing! All beginner, intermediate and veteran drone racing enthusiasts — come fly with us! Join our community and learn how to design, build, test, fly and race!

 Find the full schedule of S3 events on our Meetup page.

How to get there

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