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Sarasota Hyperlapse Compilation
It's been almost exactly a year since we've arrived in Sarasota, and we've much to be thankful for in our first year here. It's been a super busy year, getting settled in and organizing the office, house and work environment. So there's not been very much time for leisure photography; therefore I thought our one year anniversary here would be an excellent opportunity to shoot some Sarasota hyper-lapses.
How to Overcome Challenging Real Estate Property Layouts In Aerial Photography
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NYC Times Square Timelapse – On Our Anniversary
How Lucky Am I - A Times Square Timelapse on Our Anniversary How lucky am I that I have a[...]
Tappan Zee Bridge Timelapse
This is a timelapse experiment I conducted with my friend David on the shores of Nyack, shot with a longer lens for once.
Atlantic Highlands Harbor Sunset Timelapse With A Syrp Genie Mini
Many folks maintain that Syrp Genie Mini is not compatible when run with the qDSLR dashboard to do timelapse bulb ramping. In hacking together a shutter release cable that is missing the auto-focus signal, (according to Gunther Wegner's instructions here) I was able to get this combination to work pretty reliably.
Drone Aerial, Real Estate Video Walkthroughs, Architectural Photography – All In One Day!
Today we may have bitten off just a little more than we can chew:)
ALTi Transition – a drone that can fly for 6 hours
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Ocean Grove Aerial – A Demo Reel
A showcase of Ocean Grove from the air.
Atlantic Highlands Harbor Hyperlapse / Timelapse
The Challenges of Sunrise Harbor Hyperlapse / Timelapse Photography Shot With An iPhone The above video is the "after processing"[...]
Drone Racing at the Laurita Winery
Another BMW Fall Ride - And a Fun Destination Located near Sixflags, we've been to several events at the Laurita[...]
Rumson Municipal Boat Ramp Flight – Sky Lens Design
Flight Log For October 11th Met a gentleman setting out to go crabbing under the Rumson bridge. He seemed pretty[...]
A Great Fall Day Out – Combining Drone Flight Mode Tests and Motorbike Rides
Had another great ride with Andrey and Patrick. We spent the day Friday riding and doing some drone flight mode[...]