ALTi Transition – a drone that can fly for 6 hours

Drones are great, but most lack staying power…

One of the challenges of modern drones, especially quadcopters, is the short battery life, and therefore the length of time one of these sUAS (Small Unmanned Aerial Systems) can stay aloft. So in applications where a large area has to mapped or covered, or where it is desirable to observe an area for several hours, quads are usually pretty limited.

Some mapping drone mapping SaaS applications are accommodating this by recording a battery switch location, and the drone automatically resumes where it has left off after landing and getting a new battery. Not ideal, and time consuming considering most flights are only 20-30 mins.

What if you could Transition?

Of course there are constant improvements in battery life, but the folks at ALTi have come up with an amazing set of innovations that result in a VTOL (Vertical Take Of And Landing) capable system that uses BOTH battery and fuel.  

The military has created vertical takeoff planes that can transition into horizontal flight modes, one famous example is the Osprey VTOL (Vertical Take Of And Landing). In this video, our friends at sUAS News get a first-hand look at ALTi UAS’s new VTOL fixed-wing electric/fuel hybrid drone, the Transition.


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