Monthly Archives: October 2016

ALTi Transition – a drone that can fly for 6 hours

Drones are great, but most lack staying power… One of the challenges of modern drones, especially quadcopters, is the short battery life, and therefore the length of time one of these sUAS (Small Unmanned Aerial Systems) can stay aloft. So in applications where a large area has to mapped or covered, or where it is […]

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Atlantic Highlands Harbor Hyperlapse / Timelapse

The Challenges of Sunrise Harbor Hyperlapse / Timelapse Photography Shot With An iPhone The above video is the “after processing” shot of processing the harbor hyperlapse sequence shot with the Osmo Mobile Gimbal and using the DJI Go App. Because┬áthe light constantly changes during a sunrise and sunset, in a hyperlapse sequence it is often […]

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Drone Racing at the Laurita Winery

Another BMW Fall Ride – And a Fun Destination Located near Sixflags, we’ve been to several events at the Laurita Winery. They do an awesome job creating a fun environment with events like Food Truck competitions and classic car races, concerts and the like. I’m always struck how forward-looking they are in their PR and […]

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